Coach Training

Testimonials from 
Coach Training participants:
“Great, entertaining, smooth, deep, and right on the topic.”
Anthony T.

“Peter's course provides a concise and excellent grounding in the practice of coaching. His extensive experience and grounded presence make for a great course which is stimulating, fun and applicable to all areas of coaching. I would whole heartedly recommend this course!”
Rose H.

"The 6 Fast Track to Coaching workshop was one of the best professional training courses I have attended.
After just 6 days I felt I had the skills and confidence to start working as a professional coach.
An added and unexpected bonus of attending the course was that I learned a lot about myself!"
Joanne W.E.

“The best ……. I am lost for words to describe my appreciation.”
Arnold T.

“Peter is absolutely awesome. Very effective.”
Carmela V.

“The facilitator was an excellent example of how to coach.
He drew out real life coaching experiences from everyone especially the more senior”.
Ritchie C.

“Peter models all the good qualities of a great coach.
I learned so much from him, not only as a coach but as a facilitator.
It’s an excellent programme. I loved every bit of it.”
Ed E.

“Great facilitator and mentor coach”.
Nelen H.

“Peter is a Master.”
Scott D.

"I highly recommend the coach training offered by Peter Hawe of Diamond Coaching. Peter is an excellent coach and trainer, knowledgeable about coaching and skilled at teaching that knowledge. His passion for coaching is contagious. He has a love of teaching which comes through his training. The content, skill-set, and practice that I obtained via the coach training has provided a strong foundation to the work I do as a coach. I obtained my Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF)"
S. M.

“I took this 6-day course at the beginning of this year and found it incredibly useful and inspiring.
I know at least 5 other expat women who have also taken Peter's class and all were very enthusiastic.”
Kirsten M.

“This workshop is very effective. Its not only for a new coach its also great for an experienced coach.”
Nongputh C.

“In the course of learning to be a coach, I learned to better myself.
I discovered myself better through Peters
gentle guidance and entertaining style.”
Alvin C

My goal in joining the 6-day intensive coach training program was to learn the skills so I could be an effective coach but, I got so much more. I came out of that program with not only the coaching skills but also, the tools for assessing my personal development journey.  I enjoyed the learning process very much. Peter was very generous with sharing his knowledge and coaching experience. I highly recommend this program to aspiring coaches. You will learn so much in 6 days. You will get more than your money's worth. Taking the program was the best decision I made towards my coaching career. Thank you, Peter and Celia. 
Marfina T 
 Fast Track Face to Face Workshops
6 Day Coaching Skills Braining
Europe and South East Asia

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Some FAQ
Why pursue an ICF credential?
ICF Credentials are highly recognized coaching qualifications with credibility around the world.
If you are serious about building or maintaining your coaching business and care for being part of a well-respected, self-regulating profession, you will be interested in gaining ICF Credentials.

There are 3 ICF credentials:
• Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
• Master Certified Coach (MCC)
Each credential requires a specific set of required hours of coach-specific training and coaching experience.

Benefits of a ICF credential:
• Enhances your credibility and reassures potential clients that you are an experienced and professional coach
• Demonstrates that you have high professional standards
• Demonstrates that you stand by a strong code of ethics
• Demonstrates a high knowledge

and skill level
• Demonstrates that you take on-going professional development seriously
• Develops you as a professional coach – to further enhance your skills
• Brings personal satisfaction - in achieving a career goal
• Brings personal satisfaction - in gaining a credential from the only internationally recognized independent coaching body
• Reinforces the integrity of the coaching profession nationally and internationally

Why is it important to get proper Coach Training?
Currently anyone can

call themselves ‘a coach’.
There are many ‘coaches’ operating without any training or real coaching skills.
They simply do whatever they have already been doing and call it coaching.
This includes consultants and mentors who simply tell you what they have done or would do
– without being able to support you in drawing on your own skills and experience and developing your own approach and style.
There are those who put together skills and interventions they have picked up or read about.
This is not to say that some of these ‘coaches’ and ‘coach trainers’ have nothing to offer from their own experience.
But their offering would be much greater if they were trained and grounded in real coaching skills
and could support you in finding a way that really fits and works for you.

...and the market is changing!
The market place is becoming more discerning and looking for evidence of proper training and/or accreditation.
This trend will increase.
There is a likelihood that, as with other professions, legislation will be brought in requiring coaches to belong to a recognized professional body and to have training recognized by the profession.
Clients are becoming more discerning
Client’s expect the Coach to have been properly trained and to have the right skill set.

...and you will be able to market yourself more confidently knowing that you are well trained and practiced in a reliable and tested skill set makes it much easier to market yourself confidently
– whether as a professional coach or in using coaching to support your existing professional or organizational role

The Diamond Coaching 6 day fast track training satisfies the 60 hours of coach-specific training 

 10 hours of work with a qualified Mentor Coach is available see Mentor Coaching.

A certificate of completion stating that you have completed the 60 hours of coach specific training plus robust support documentation will be issued. 
You can view more information about ICF accreditation at their website  www.coachfederation.o rg  

Who is the Coach Training for?
anyone with an interest in coaching
individuals working with, supporting and influencing people
those wanting a new exciting career

those interested in setting up Coaching as a Profession

people who want to use coaching skills in their work
people wanting to Coach themselves or others



HR personnel
social workers


Why do Coach Training?
It is in demand
There is a huge demand for coaching from both organizations and individuals.

And it is growing....
When people are coached and empowered, rather than told and policed, there is much greater ownership and effectiveness.

In organizations
Most organizations employ or contract in professional coaches.
To create a ‘coaching culture’ where managers are trained to be coaches.
Having coach training as part of your C. V. puts you ahead in the job market.

For individuals
Individuals are seeking support to take their careers and life to the next level.
Having the support and expertise of a coach empowers them to do more and be more effective than they could be on their own. Many use the support of a coach to create lives where they can be authentic and happy as well as successful – to go beyond success to fulfilment.
Why train with Diamond Coaching
• Proficiency and practice based
• Face to face
• Aligned to ICF accreditation requirements
• Very affordable AND highest quality
• Modular format
• Has follow through and support after training
• Supports you in identifying coaching niches and developing a practice
• Lead by Peter Hawe who is highly experienced, trained and accredited coach graduate of Coach University, American Management Association Trainer and operated successful global coaching practices
"Coaching is the hottest service in corporate America today."
"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities" 
Bob Nardelle, President and CEO of Home Depot
Peter Hawe
Diamond Coaching