About Peter Hawe your mentor
Peter has been coaching for 20 years and has helped individuals and groups    improve their competencies, performance and capacity to manage and lead organizations.  Also, providing personal coaching for both in and outside of work   life.   

He has purchased, built and sold businesses in the UK.  Gained experience in both the private and public sector in management and leadership; nevertheless he does not allow his successful experience stand in the way of synergizing new idea/innovations and approaches with the client.

He is a graduate of Coach University and a Lead Coach/Trainer for the American Management Association and Imperial Consulting. He has 12 years Personnel/HR/Management experience in local government, 15 years’ owned/managed business and 20 years owning Diamond Coaching.

Currently he operates  face to face ICF aligned Coach Trainings leading to ICF accreditation in the UK and Asia and works as Consultant Coach for the Asia Development Bank.

He operates a successful global consultancy practice based in England. He has coached executives/companies in the USA, South America, South Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia and has a comprehensive understanding of numerous countries as well as organizational cultures. 

Let him save you time and money by helping you achieve your needs effectively in minimum time.
How Mentor Coaching can help you
♦ Achieve ICF Accreditation.  
♦ Supervise your/employees coaching skills.
♦ Set up a successful Coaching Practice.
♦ Expand existing Coaching Practice.
♦ Design Corporate Interventions.
♦ Specialist/Niche Coaching advice.
♦ Management Team Coaching.
♦ Post Leadership Training.
♦ Coach Leaders following coach training skills.
♦ Inhouse Training, Integration and cultural changes.
♦ Facilitation.
♦ Effective change monitoring.
♦ Agent change.
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