From Workshop Participants.....

“Great, entertaining, smooth, deep, and right on the topic.” Anthony T
“Peter's course provides a concise and excellent grounding in the practice of coaching.
His extensive experience and grounded presence make for a great course which is stimulating, fun and applicable to all areas of coaching. I would whole heartedly recommend this course!”
Rose H.
"The 6 Fast Track to Coaching workshop was one of the best professional training courses I have attended.
After just 6 days I felt I had the skills and confidence to start working as a professional coach.
An added and unexpected bonus of attending the course was that I learned a lot about myself!"
Joanne W.E

“The best ……. I am lost for words to describe my appreciation.” Arnold T.

“Peter is absolutely awesome. Very effective.”
Carmela V.
“I took this 6-day course at the beginning of this year and found it incredibly useful and inspiring".
I know at least 5 other expat women who have also taken Peter's class and all were very enthusiastic.”
Kirsten M
My goal in joining the 6-day intensive coach training program was to learn the skills so I could be an effective coach but, I got so much more. I came out of that program with not only the coaching skills but also, the tools for assessing my personal development journey.  I enjoyed the learning process very much. Peter was very generous with sharing his knowledge and coaching experience. I highly recommend this program to aspiring coaches. You will learn so much in 6 days. You will get more than your money's worth. Taking the program was the best decision I made towards my coaching career. Thank you, Peter 
Marfina T
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 From Coaching

A CEO of a Telecommunications Company had issues around whether to sell his business, productivity problems and work/life balance. With the help of Peter, he was able to progress with clarity and gain insights into what he really wanted. Due to Peter's coaching he sold his business and started a small aircraft transport company - flying was his passion.

A TRAINING CONSULTANT was having difficulty in developing her company - she was not getting work. Peter coached her "internal blocks" which were stopping her taking the necessary steps to promote herself in the appropriate way. Peter focused on her strengths and with encouragement helped her move her marketing and sales in ways that served her values. Subsequently she attracted work from England, Portugal and Mexico and her business has grown.

An ARTIST was having difficulty selling his art, wasting time trying to sell and not devoting enough time to painting - he was in a downward spiral. With the help of Peter, he was able to turn his business take assess his situation and implement new ideas in order to work smarter rather than harder to bring in necessary finances.

An ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST was not getting fulfilment from her work but did not know what she wanted or could do next. Peter helped her to take stock of her life and focus on what was important to her. With delicate skill, Peter coached her through her "Personal Foundation" - as a result, she has recently had a pioneering book on Creativity published and leads workshops on revealing the inner artist - she left her scientific work.

A STORE MAN was over 40, overweight and in a dead end job with no prospects. Peter coached him around lifestyle issues and he lost seven stone (98 pounds), went to drama school and became a stage manager - work he loved.

A SYSTEMS DESIGNER worked for a successful company - he was bored and worn down by the 4-hour commuter journey into London each day. Peter coached him to map out a set of options and set realistic goals from his own core values rather than personal needs.  He is still working for the same company but in a different role and is gained fulfilment and setting up a home based business

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From Mentored

“Peter models all the good qualities of a great coach.
I learned so much from him, not only as a coach but as a facilitator.
It’s an excellent programme. I loved every bit of it.”

Ed E.

“Great facilitator and mentor coach”.
Nelen H.

“Peter is a Master.”
Scott D.

"I highly recommend the coach training offered by Peter Hawe of Diamond Coaching. Peter is an excellent coach and trainer, knowledgeable about coaching and skilled at teaching that knowledge. His passion for coaching is contagious. He has a love of teaching which comes through his training. The content, skill-set, and practice that I obtained via the coach training has provided a strong foundation to the work I do as a coach. I obtained my Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF)"
S. M.
"It is my pleasure to write these words to appreciate acknowledge and express my gratitude in having the great opportunity to participate in the Coaching workshop and the following mentoring sessions"
Jonathon W.

"The sessions brought me to a new level of understanding of myself, my
strength and my weaknesses a level that drove me into a new journey a new phase in my life."
Maritza W.

"The sessions I had week after week were always a great time - he
always had a word to say, a question to ask, a suggestion to make, and a
push to help/support my growth."
"I know now I could have done a lot by myself but for sure, I would not be where I am now
. I have grown beyond my expectancy with care, guidance, encouragement."
Janet T.

"Systematically, I was supported to face my challenges and move forward to strengthen my qualities and abilities, to release my blocks to review my tolerances, my limits and much more.
Therefore, I am very grateful for having such wonderful mentoring."

Janice P

Mentor Coaching